Are Your Social Media Marketing Tactics Killing Your MLM Business?

You can’t achieve success in social media by using tactics that may be killing your MLM business.

You want to use social media marketing only after you have a proven plan of action. If not, you may end up doing things that don’t produce real results and only waste your time.

Social Media Marketing for MLM

When I see how some network marketers approach social media, it’s clear to me they don’t have a plan.

Things like sharing garbage, posting ads all day, and being elusive should all be avoided at all costs.

In any network marketing business, social media marketing can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

In this article I’ll walk you through three social media marketing tactics that network marketers should avoid and I’ll show you a more productive tactic to use instead.

Don’t Share Garbage in Social Media

Have you ever seen your Facebook newsfeed full of post after post of garbage?

By sharing garbage in social media, you run the risk of damaging your reputation and your network marketing business.

For example, are you posting anything like this?

  • Having a bad dayNegative ranting posts about your crappy day: Ugh! Don’t be one of those people who is full of negativity. Is life really that bad?
  • Joining into drama related conversations: Drama loves company. Have you ever seen those drama posts? They get the most comments and they are all, well, dramatic!
  • Promoting your products all day long: Using social media networks just to push your products will just turn people off.
  • Blatantly recruiting constantly: Have you seen posts like, “5 spots open on my team, hurry!”, “Join my team now and get a special gift!” You know what I am talking about!
  • Blabbing on and on about the same thing for days: Are you boring people by posting the same thing 5 times a day? BORING!

Social media marketing for network marketers (and every business) is based on relationship building.

For example when you connect with others, that is the start of a relationship. People can get to know and trust you. Relationship building leads to sales and/or business partners.

Instead of being a walking commercial on social media, share your lifestyle. For example, if you are with a health related company, you can proudly post about how energized you feel or brag about a compliment you got that day.

People will notice and want what you have!

You can also influence others in a big way when you stay positive. Negativity is a turn off and no one will want to do business with you.

Sure, we all have bad days but show your resilience and ability to push through instead of complaining about it.

If you Want to Sell More stuff, you gotta get good at STORYTELLING! Learn how here.

Be helpful and provide value through your social media marketing tactics and not annoyances!

When you use these positive social media tactics, you’ll earn more friends and followers that you can eventually lead to your marketing funnel.

Buying Social Media Likes and Followers

Have you considered buying followers or social media likes for your social networks?

Bad idea!

Social Media engagement
You can buy followers on Twitter and Instagram, Likes on Facebook and likes on social media marketing posts.

Here’s the catch…

Do you want thousands of followers who do nothing or a couple of hundred followers who engage with your social media posts?

That’s the difference.

I made the mistake a buying likes on a Facebook page a couple of years ago. I was working hard posting great content on the page but guess what? Not one person was interacting with my posts.

Instead of trying to seem like you are popular, grow your social media networks the right way.

For example, engage with others through your social media marketing tactics and making real connections with people.

Another point is that most of the so-called “followers” that you purchase are all fake accounts.

Ask yourself what value you are really bringing to your network marketing business with thousands of followers who have fake accounts.

The answer is zero.

Don’t Be Elusive

Do you ignore comments on your social media marketing posts? So many people are “too busy” to get back to others.

That’s a big no-no.

Responding to Messages and Comments in social media

Honestly, if you are marketing in social media, why you wait a week to respond to someone? That will do wonders for your reputation, right?

I sent someone a message on social media over a week ago and still haven’t got a response. That is definitely not a person I want to work with.

Think about how others perceive you based on your actions.

Instead, respond to people in a timely manner. For example if someone Tweeted to you, let them know you got their message and craft a response!

Getting back to people in social media in a timely manner lets them know that they are important to you.

Learn how to connect with people the right way using Periscope social media.

And, the more you interact with people through your social media marketing, the more visible you become.

Here are 3 tactics you can implement in social media marketing for your MLM business:

  • Be mindful of others: Responding to others lets them know you care. If you ignore them (unless they are total jerk), that’s just going to ruin your reputation.
  • Go the extra mile: Even if your response is too long for a Tweet, go the extra mile and send a direct mile to explain something more complicated. Better yet, ask for their contact information and pick up the phone. You will be surprised at how many network marketers never pick up the phone. The person on the other end will appreciate you.
  • Show some love : A simple “like” or retweet can be the start of a new relationship in social media. Let people know you are paying attention. Remember, it’s not just about you.


How are your social media marketing tactics working for your business?

I hope you understand that marketing your business in social media requires more than just a few likes and spamming your networks.

I’ve given you three social media marketing tactics to avoid and solutions for what to do instead. You’ll get better results in your MLM business by implementing what I’ve shared.

Which of these resonated with you?

If you have any other social media marketing tips to share, please leave me a comment below.

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  1. Lynda Kenny says:

    What a great post Lisa. Using Social Media in the right way can be the most successful way of growing your brand and business.
    I heard the phrase last year that Facebook is not “sellamedia” its “social media” How true that is.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information today.
    Lynda Kenny recently posted…What Is The Difference Between Wanting And Willing To Change?My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hey Lynda! Thanks so much for your comment!

      I love that phrase, sellamedia! Am definitely going to have to use that in the future. It perfectly describes what I see in social media marketing on a regular basis.

      Social media is so powerful when used correctly.

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    OMG I feel terrible right now after reading your excellent post.

    Without going into details right now, as part of an email marketing training program, every participant in the course has been asked to experience the very worst way to get leads for your business – and this is posting free training offers multiple times a day in various Facebook groups.

    At least I’m not doing what many in the programc are doing and posting every 30 minutes all day long then ending up in “Facebook Jail”

    But I did post about 5 times in 5 different ngroups in one day – at least the free training product is excellent.

    Anyway now that I’ve got that “bad stuff” off my chest let me thank you for such a smart approach to social media marketing.

    I really liked that line you had which went something like “stop being a walking commercial and share your lifestyle” – perfect!

    When people share their lifestyle with me it makes them come alive for me and often fosters a greater level of engagement down the line.

    People who are late to respond or even worse, never respond to posts and messages, are folks I can do without in my life.

    Lisa my other big take away from your post was to be mindful of your actions on social media as it will definitely impact of the way people perceive you – your reputation is as stake every time you post and comment!


    Thanks a million for sharing this superb advice (and causing me to have a sleepless night after my recent FB postings!)

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…8 Ways to Get More Blog ReadersMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hey Peter!
      Thanks for the visit! I am cracking up and appreciate your honesty. The good news is that you are truly learning what not to do in social media. Sometimes you just need to experience it to understand it.

      The “walking commercial” is something I used to do in social media. I like to compare it to what you would do in real life. It’s like walking into a Starbucks coffee shop with one of those sandwich board signs and instead of making polite conversation, you ask everyone to buy your product!

      Picture that!

      Thanks again for your wonderful insights and have a an amazing week.

      Happy posting!

  3. Edna Keep says:

    Hi Lisa, I really enjoyed this post! It is important to use social media for your business, but more important to use it in the right way! Thank you!
    Edna Keep recently posted…Rent-To-Own Done RightMy Profile

  4. Great stuff Lisa. I am guilty of not responding to twitter engagements at times. I love your tips on not airing garbage on your social media also. This is very informative, and I’d come back to it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Totally agree with your stand on negativity. Totally agree that storytelling is a great success skill and strategy.
    Trudy Beerman recently posted…Million Dollar Ideas Secret Sauce is… (It is Not What You Think).My Profile

  6. Lisa, you really hit home with that post! I see people sooo many times spamming their profile with products, all about their business. This is very very unprofessional.

    Our industry is a profession, and we have to treat it as such.

    Thanks so much for this incredibly valuable blog post! A lot of people will benefit from that!
    Jelena Ostrovska recently posted…10 Steps to Become an Expert In Your Niche [Part 2]My Profile

  7. Great tips on how to use social media in your business
    David Arriaga recently posted…Hello Sanebox a Virtual Assistant for Your MailboxMy Profile

  8. Mansi Padhya says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Great post. I really enjoyed this post! Using Social Media in the right way can be the most successful way of growing your brand and business.
    Thanks for sharing very informative post.

  9. Atish Ranjan says:


    Such a nice write-up! Social media tactics must be result oriented in order to get benefits for the business of any type. But, if your marketing tactics are not good you will end up killing your business.

    Thanks for sharing such nice tips.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…6 iPhone Fake Text Generator ToolsMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hello Atish!

      Thank you so much. I’ve seen some crazy social media tactics! Hopefully everyone learns how to grow a successful business the right way.

  10. Kim Willis says:

    Hey Lisa,

    What a great post!

    Of course, I agree with everything you said. Don’t share garbage – love it. A while ago I think I was crossing the line sometimes – having a rant with no positive outcome for me or my audience.

    Buying social media fans is something else I did several years ago, What waste of time and money that was! I also used software to get me almost 40,000 followers on Twitter. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Now I do things the old fashioned way – building influence and respect one person at a time.

    Your last point about being elusive is also right on the money. Sometimes I see blog posts with plenty of comments from visitors, but absolutely zero acknowledgement from the blog owner. Crazy. I don’t get it – if someone goes to the trouble of actually writing the post, wouldn’t you think they’d do whatever they could to cultivate their readers?

    Same comments apply to platforms like Facebook.

    Thanks again Lisa

    Kim Willis recently posted…“I Know That Already” (Sure you do, snigger snigger)My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hey Kim!

      Thank you so much! There is just so much garbage out there it’s hard to shift through it to find the gems.

      Wow, 40,000 followers! Oh, we are in the same club – buying social media fans or likes. What were we thinking? Live, learn and move forward!

      I agree we need to be responsible in social media communications, I am guilty sometimes of approving a blog comment but not responding in a timely manner. Working on fixing that!

      You said it well, doing things the old fashioned way. That still works even in this high tech world.

      Have a great week!

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