Why You Need an Accountability Partner

Why you need an accountability partnerAn accountability partner can help you reach your goals. You have to find the right person who will help you stay committed. What I love about accountability partners is that they can help provide that safe zone of trust, so you can feel comfortable in conversation.

You can learn from an accountability partner and help guide each other towards accomplishing goals.

By coordinating your efforts and knowledge, you get to learn, stay committed, and take responsibility for your actions or lack thereof.

How to Find an Accountability Partner

You obviously want to find an accountability partner that will resonate with you. It’s not a situation where you will be asking various people to be accountability partners! Like anything else, finding a partner is about relationship building.

Understand what you want in your accountability partner first. If you don’t share similar values for example, you won’t have a successful relationship. Just because you meet someone that is successful does not mean that person would be a good partner for you.

Establish a relationship but not because you want to have an accountability partner. Out of quality relationships, an accountability partnership will grow naturally.

Here’s an example. Last year, I met Karin on Facebook. We shared similar values and goals for our businesses. We are not in the same business but the nature of what we do individually was not an issue. We really resonated with each other and shared similar challenges in our businesses.

We naturally became accountability partners. We decided to learn some new skills through Network Marketing Pro and put them into action. We met on a weekly basis, talked about what we accomplished and where we fell short. We mentored each other because we had different strengths. I could not have asked for a better accountability partner than Karin! We even attended the Network Marketing Pro conference together!

You might think that have an accountability partner in a different company is weird. But, it worked out well for us. It helped us to focus on the income producing activities that every network marketer must do regardless of the company they are with.

What are some benefits that you experienced with your accountability partner? Tell us in the comment.

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