5 Secrets to 30K Followers on Instagram

Insta Lead MagicIf you’ve shied away from Instagram, it’s time to rethink that. As of December 2014, Instagram boasted 300 Million users accessing the site each month.

What if you could tap into a small percentage of that number and get thousands of followers and leads from Instagram?

Even big brands are using Instagram to boost their visual identity and create huge following. Imagine the brand awareness alone?

Instagram’s photo sharing app can be used from your smart phone, (iPhone or Android) making it easy to upload images and network wherever you are.

Tips to Gain Instagram Followers

There are many way to help you develop your following on Instagram. Here are 5 of them.

  1. Post great content. Value driven content is always going to get you more followers. People will share your content on Instagram.
  2. Add your website to all your posts. Brand your images with your blog or other website address.
  3. Connect and engage with other popular Instagram brands and account. Leave a nice comment or like their posts. When you are first getting your account set up, incorporate this into your daily method of operation. If you leave thoughtful comments, people will reply and follow back.
  4. Use hashtags in your posts. These are critical. Be very specific with your hashtag keywords to target and draw in the right type of followers. 1
  5. Host an Instagram contest. If you want to get followers fast, this is the way to go. You can give away coaching, training and things that provide real value.

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