4 Skills you will need for Success and Positive Change

Building a successful MLM business is something most network marketers want but few actually achieve it.

You see many top MLM leaders that make it look so easy! Yet, it’s very challenging for others to just to make a few dollars.

Why is it that two people can use the exact same system, methods and techniques, yet get such opposing results?

Success and Positive Change in MLM

It all comes down to four simple skills that you can develop to affect positive change in your life, and incredible success in your network marketing business.

In my own quest for continually education, I enjoy learning from Eric Worre, one of the best leaders for everything network marketing. Today I am sharing 4 important skills for positive change that I implemented in my own life based on his teachings.

If you are feeling frustrated in your network marketing business, these skills can help you boost your confidence and value in a big way.

It’s important that you dig deep to discover the source of the challenges you face and find out the real reason why you continue to delay your success in MLM.

1 – Raise Your Level of Awareness

Being acutely aware can help you identify exactly what the obstacles are that hold you back. When I first learned that I should raise my level of awareness, I was a little perplexed!

What? Of course I am aware.

But are we really?

For example, in areas where I was not doing well, I fretted over it instead of looking for the real issues that were preventing me from moving forward.

Level of Awareness

The lesson is in order to have success in network marketing, we must first find out why we aren’t moving forward (if that’s the case.)

So many of us procrastinate, am I right?

Why is that? As part of that procrastination, you may also complain about your lack of success. It’s a vicious cycle.

Instead, I implemented two crucial things in my daily life to achieve network marketing success:

  • Be more aware of my daily habits. Once I discovered which habits were a form of self-sabotage, I made a transition plan to correct those poor habits that weren’t contributing to my success in network marketing. For example, instead of procrastinating over important income producing tasks, I make it a point to get those done first.
  • What triggers my procrastination to get things done. After digging deep to find out what really triggered me to have unproductive days, I made an incredible discovery. It was other people! I was letting some negative conversations initiated by others control my thought process and in turn affect my success with network marketing. For example, we all know those people that say things like: why don’t you get a real job? If I had a nickel for all the times I second guessed myself due to that, I would be rich! The lesson here is don’t let others get in the way of your goals!

2 – Acquire a Deep Understanding of the Issues

Let’s get down to the true underlying causes of why you are not moving forward in your home business.

Reset your mindUnderstanding is the next step after awareness. For example, I mentioned that other people sometimes affected my productivity. It can happen easily when we get rejected, right?

I used to have plenty of experiences where someone would reject my network marketing offer and I would brood for days on end!

I took it so personally! But the reality is that people were rejecting the opportunity and not me personally. However, it took a long time to understand that!

Once you start to understand the real issues, you will realize that it has little to do with you.

We can all freely make choices and if a person rejects your business opportunity, don’t go into procrastination mode. Instead, find another person to present your business to!

3 – Disassociate in MLM for Success

Here’s one that was really tough for me!

So many things affect our daily success because we let that happen. To stop that behavior, let’s talk about disassociating from those things for now.

It could be people or challenging circumstances that cause us to not feel empowered to move forward. Don’t let others control your network marketing success! Positive change starts with you.

Disassociate from those things that have a negative influence on your life.

Why do you let others bring you down and keep you from success?

The only person that loses out is you. Instead, develop an emotional detachment from these type of influences.

For example, when I started implementing disassociation into my life, after a time I found that those negative influences were suddenly foreign and weird to me. While previously they seemed quite the norm.

Instead, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people!

4 – Recondition Your Mind for Positive Change in MLM

Finding new ways to deal with challenging situations and people can change your life in a big way.

Recondition your mind for success

For example, I was always responding the same way to things in my life. Once I started into deep personal development and becoming more aware, I was able to respond in a more positive and productive way.

That meant surrounding myself with positive people, reading books and magazines that helped develop inner strength and resilience and putting myself in an environment aimed at success.


Has your self-doubt set in yet? That would be quite normal!

Just let it go. Empower yourself to do better and know that you have what it takes to succeed in network marketing. It will show through as you grow and develop your mind and your skills.

Today we talked about awareness, understanding, disassociation and reconditioning. These are 4 crucial skills to develop for true success and positive change.

You have the ability to not only be successful, but to also influence others in a big way. Take it a day at a time, step by step.

Just imagine in a year from now, what you can accomplish and do!

What skills are you working on towards positive change and success in your life? Do share in the comments.

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