Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for your Business

Choosing the right social media platform for your business can make a huge difference in growing your business. But which ones should you use? It takes time and energy to build your social media presence. It’s a worthwhile effort but choose wisely so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Do your research to determine the [...]

5 Step Daily Action Plan to Fire Your Boss

Have you ever felt like you want to fire your boss? I felt that way a few years ago when I had a boss that made mine and everyone’s life miserable. It was awful! My boss contributed to a ton of unnecessary stress. No matter how awful it was, I couldn’t just up and leave [...]

Why Network Marketing is the Perfect Business

Is network marketing the right business for you? These 5 reasons will help you decide whether it’s good fit for your life. I used to think negatively about network marketing until I finally got serious and started my business. I started making money and haven’t stopped. Now I’m a believer in the business model. The network [...]