Making YouTube Videos

If you are just getting started with making YouTube videos or not having much success with your existing video marketing, these tips are for you. The purpose of your videos is to attract attention, expose your brand, get leads and customers, grown your channel, create a community and much more. I have 5 tips for [...]

YouTube Cards Feature

The recent YouTube cards feature is a way for you to engage your viewers while they watch your video. Today I am introducing you to these Interactive Cards, giving you some effective ways to use them and showing you how to add  the Associated website YouTube card. Here’s how they work: YouTube card teaser text [...]

The Ultimate Lead Generation Formula

What is the best way to get a steady flow of leads every day? It comes down to a proven formula that you need to put all the pieces together for success. A lead generation formula will help you understand how become the hunted instead of the hunter through attraction marketing. Once you understand how [...]

How to Do Keyword Research the Fast Way

Keyword research is a must if you are an online marketer. What are the phrases that people are searching for in Google that relate to your business? Any content marketing require SEO keyword research to find the best combination of words and phrases related to your business and search. Although the Google Keyword Planner is [...]

Where to Promote Your Blog Posts

Now that you wrote a blog post, your next step is to spend time promoting it! Did you think that writing a blog post was the end of the task? Learning how to promote your blog post is the next important step in online marketing. Sure, you can do great search engine optimization (SEO) in [...]

The Truth About Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategies You Need to Know

Are you looking for new network marketing lead generation strategies? Maybe you already made a list and called all your contacts and now you need a more effective marketing strategy. You probably heard about online network marketing which led you here. Many people just like you are looking for a magic formula or an easy [...]

How to Get More Leads

Are you struggling with how to get more leads? There are hundreds of ways to generate more leads. I have 3 success strategies to help you. There is a lot of competition in the marketplace but don’t let that stop you. Getting leads is just a matter of refining your skills. My tips on how [...]

How to Grow Your Business with Online Content Marketing

Attracting leads with online content marketing is crucial to building your business. Creating content and sharing it helps you to provide value to your audience, convert leads into customers and get repeat buyers. Content marketing is the best way to grow your business. Through creating content, I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. What is [...]

7 Free Stock Photo Sites – Blog Images

Are you spending too much time looking for free stock photo site? It can be ridiculously time consuming! Usually when I run across stock photo images, there is a high cost associated with each one. After much research, I have a handful of free stock photo sites that I use on a regular basis for [...]

Build Your Own Blog with MLSP Sites

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about what it takes to build your own blog for your online business? You may not know how to get started with making a blog and therefore are getting behind with marketing your business on the Internet. I have great news for you today! At the My Lead System Pro [...]