Using Blog Comments to Drive Traffic and Get Leads

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your website and get more leads? In this article I share the power of blog comments to help you achieve both those goals. Blog comments are a powerful strategy to help build your authority online as well as your brand. Just to be clear, we are not [...]

Interview – How To Create An Internet Brand Using Blogging & YouTube

Recently, I was invited to be interviewed by Jason Lee of Each week on Tuesday and Friday he hosts a value-driven podcast called, Unleashing The Alpha Networker Podcast. Jason interviews a variety of experts in networking and online marketing, as well as home business tips. The information on his website is top notch! Click [...]

New Changes Coming to Google Plus and YouTube

When Google makes changes to its product line, I pay attention. If you are an online marketer, you should too! Google+ is currently integrated across all its products. For example, in order to post videos on YouTube or comment, users must have a Google Plus account. The comment then appears in Google Plus as well [...]

How to Stand Out with Your Personal Brand

If you are marketing online, building your personal brand is more important than ever. Bringing who you are to the marketplace is about learning how to stand out and not be like everyone else. When you market on the Internet, how will people experience you? That is the real question to ask yourself. Are you [...]

Why You Need a Profitable MLM Marketing System

To succeed in your business, you need a solid method that work. That’s where an MLM marketing system comes in. While traditional techniques work for network marketing, taking your business online can help you get into profit faster. The network marketing business model is built on residual income. To benefit from it, you’ll need to [...]

7 Ways to Generate Network Marketing Leads

Are you struggling to generate network marketing leads? Without leads, you don’t have a business. They are the most essential part of growing your MLM business. There are many ways to get leads. For example you can buy leads and spend lots of money as well as time on the phone. In my experience, that’s [...]

Are You Fearful of Network Marketing?

That is a crazy question but I ask it because so many people are fearful of network marketing. This fear happens on both sides of the equation. If you are the person in an MLM business, you are afraid to talk to your friends or family about your products. If you are the friends or [...]

Why You Need MLM Customer Relationships

MLM customer relationships are key to building a successful business. Have you been focused solely on recruiting and pushing your business opportunity? How’s that working for you? In this article, I’ll show you why you need MLM customers to get results in your business. Think about it. Successful network marketing businesses are built on high volume. [...]

How to Attract Targeted MLM Leads Online

What’s the secret to getting MLM leads online? You probably know other people that are able to get targeted MLM leads from just about everyone they talk to. How do they do it? Do they know some business building secret that you don’t? Actually, yes, they do! And today I’m going to show you proven [...]

Use Referral Marketing to Get Free MLM Leads

Using referral marketing to get free MLM leads is an effective strategy to grow your customer base. Every network marketer has the same challenge. That is, finding a steady flow of leads to build a profitable business. According to Wikipedia, “Referral marketing is a process to increase word of mouth marketing by encouraging customers and [...]