How to Accomplish Your Goals

Are you struggling with your MLM business or other goals? Perhaps you feel stuck or you should be further along than you are. All is not lost. You can accomplish your goals and get back on track. It will take some work but it’s definitely do-able, so stick with it! I hear from many people [...]

How to Get Your Email Marketing List Engaged

Now that you started growing your email marketing list, start working on list engagement. Email marketing is still a key component in your business strategy. If you have a large email list but a very low open rate or low click rate, then your list is not doing you much good. In fact, it’s hurting [...]

Facebook Retargeting Marketing

Facebook has many powerful ways for you to optimize your advertising. You may already be familiar with Facebook targeting. With this method, you are targeting specific groups of people with your ads that are generally used to increase awareness and exposure of your brand. With Facebook retargeting marketing, you can focus on those users who [...]

Does Google Keyword Research Really Matter for SEO?

Remember the days when keywords ruled in the search engine game of SEO? Fast forward to 2015 and the game has changed. Keywords still matter but they are no longer the most important component of your SEO campaign. Ranking for keywords used to be number one on the list of importance and website owners even [...]

Is Your Facebook Advertising Strategy Getting Results?

With over a billion people on Facebook, you can reach more people than ever before. If you are using a Facebook advertising strategy to find new people, that’s a great idea. Just make sure that you are getting worthwhile results. Without a Facebook advertising strategy, you may be throwing away money. With the ability to [...]